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Are you thinking about moving to XERO but lack the support from your current bookkeeper? Have you already made the move but find it difficult to use? We can make it easy for you!

Online accounting software for small business

Xero lets you share and access your latest business numbers with your team, accountant and bookkeeper.

Xero receives your bank statement line automatically so you can reconcile from anywhere, anytime – so everyone is up to speed. It’s fast and simple to work together in the cloud, so you can make smart business decisions when it matters most – right now.

Our XERO services

We offer setup, migration, integration and training on accounts processing, job management, inventory management and time-billing cloud platforms. Our experienced team led by Lielette Calleja can provide cloud solutions to save time and streamline operations. Focusing on improving your business systems and processing by reviewing your current accounting processes.

Xero Pricing

allthatcounts can also identify and integrate other compatible cloud solutions to ensure your business can run efficiently and effectively. To get setup and receive one month FREE Xero contact us on 1300 884 722.

Why should you switch to XERO?

Are you looking for the best that Cloud bookkeeping has to offer? Out of the five main Cloud bookkeeping software providers currently available in the Australian market, XERO is the simplest, smartest, and most secure bookkeeping solution.

With XERO being completely Cloud-based, you get easy access to:

  • Daily cash reports
  • KPI information in real time
  • Multi-currency and multi-user flexibility
  • Online invoicing
  • Access to your financial information from anywhere and at any time

XERO is intended for both small and medium businesses, as well as for large enterprises. Where else can you get Cloud-based bookkeeping services of the highest standard with much lower fees?

Additionally, XERO´s automated bank feeds speed things up by connecting to your financial institution every day and downloading all transactions. You need not worry about compliance issues anymore since XERO follows all of the strict security requirements. You do not need to fear about outsourcing your bookkeeping. XERO does not have any access to your bank accounts, only accessing information needed for bookkeeping purposes.

How can we help?

Here at All That Counts, we offer setup, migration, integration and training on accounts processing, job management, inventory management and time-billing cloud platforms. Led by Lielette Calleja, our experienced team provides you with Cloud-based bookkeeping solutions that will save your time and streamline your operations. We do this by focusing on reviewing your current accounting processes and improving your business systems.

Take advantage of Cloud-based bookkeeping by switching to XERO and we will help you with the rest. At All That Counts, we:

  • Set up your XERO from the beginning
  • Help you with your switching to XERO from QuickBooks, MYOB or other bookkeeping software
  • Repair your XERO file
  • Provide you with an ongoing bookkeeping services in XERO (daily updates and more)
  • Offer you a discount on XERO subscription and other exclusive products.

If you want to outsource your bookkeeping operations by hiring a bookkeeper or want to keep your bookkeeping services in-house, contact All That Counts for help. Call us at 1300 884 722 for any inquiries today. Our service areas cover the Sydney CBD all the way to the Hills District.

What is XERO?

XERO is an intuitive and easy-to-use bookkeeping system, which you can run from your ordinary browser to:

  • Update your bank accounts every day and have instant access to up-to-date information
  • Gain access to user-friendly dashboards
  • See your business information while on the road, using your mobile or your tablet
  • Experience hundreds of add-on applications that can be easily plugged in

XERO, a Cloud-based bookkeeping services solution, is designed for everyone. From small and medium companies to large enterprises, XERO allows businesses to collaborate with their bookkeepers, business owners, partners and employees in real time, all the time.

With XERO, you will be able to access your latest business information and quickly share them with your team or with your bookkeeper. XERO automatically receives your bank statement line, which means that you can reconcile from anywhere and at any time. In today´s fast-paced environment, keeping everyone up to speed and allowing them to work together is of utmost importance. XERO gives you exactly that, allowing you to make your decisions now and look over the paperwork later.

Your success is all that counts. Leave the rest to All That Counts!

Come to us for assistance in everything related to XERO—be it basic setup and advice to training and other bookkeeping services. For any inquiries, call us at 1300 884 722. You may also book a free demonstration with one of our XERO advisors.

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