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"I do not believe you can do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow"
Nelson Jackson

All That Counts is the Winner of
Australian Firm Of The Future

In 2017 All That Counts was named Intuit Australian Firm Of The Future.

All That Counts is based in Sydney, Australia and have been supporting small business for over 15 years.

We are one of the longest standing bookkeeping companies in Australia with full time staff located in our Sydney office that is 100% dedicated to you.

Founder and director of All That Counts, Lielette Calleja  has a corporate background as a financial controller and business analysts.  She has worked in industries that involved warehousing, distribution and entertainment.  All these industries were heavily regulated and audited which served her well in building a solid foundation in the accounting world.​

Lielette is now a highly regarded professional, speaker and industry advocate with 25 years’ experience in bookkeeping and accounting.  She continues to support small to medium enterprises throughout Australia with her primary focus being on the people and helping them with digital transformation for their business.

Lielette had the clarity and the confidence to position All That Counts as a leader in the bookkeeping industry.  She knew too well what it was like for small business owners to put everything on the line. She wanted them to reap the benefits of having a corporate bookkeeper on their team that wasn’t just a number cruncher but someone who wanted to understand their whole business for the numbers to make sense.

Throughout the success and growth of All That Counts, they have maintained that customer service is always a priority. Businesses want to know that we genuinely care about them and their business – that is one thing we will never compromise on.

All our team members love making a difference in the lives of small business.  Implementing cloud technology and showing our clients how it works with the power of bank feeds and bank rules is a sight we never get sick of seeing and add a few add-ons to the mix, you have yourself a business owner who no longer suffers anxiety at the thought of them doing their own books.

All That Counts has the uncanny ability to add value beyond numbers. Educating their clients by providing one to one training and integrating the latest cloud accounting software into their clients businesses with a focus on workflow and business improvement ensures there clients maintain a competitive edge.

Lielette Calleja is the Winner of Business Person Of The Year for Sydney Hills

In 2016 Lielette Calleja was named the Sydney Hills Business Person of The Year.  

Lielette has never been one to sit on the fence.  Being one of the early adopters of cloud technology back in 2009 she learned fast that as technology evolves so do clients.  

To build a Firm of the Future which she has one must draw from the past.  The core values that made us a success to begin with must never be forgotten.  Having a very good understanding of business puts us ahead of the game.  

Our accounting and bookkeeping skills are only part of our service offering.  Technology still needs a guiding hand and someone who can identify gaps in a business’s workflow and processes.  

This is where we love leveraging off technology and showcasing solutions to the Australian Small Business market.  

We consider the accounting software to be the heart of the business.  It pumps out information that enables business owners to manage their business more effectively.  

The add-ons are like arteries that ensure the data flows back to the heart.