All That Counts is a  team of award winning business cloud accounting software consultants, who have been consulting, coaching and training SMEs for over 15 years to ensure they get the right systems correctly set up to effectively manage and support their business.

All That Counts was the Australian winner for Intuit Firm Of The Future and was the Finalist for Bookkeeping Firm of The Year.  

Lielette Calleja, director of All That Counts was also named the Sydney Hills Business Person of The Year.

Lielette founded All That Counts (a bookkeeping consultancy firm) in January 2004 with a vision to empower and educate small and medium businesses with the right financial information to help drive their businesses forward.

Lielette is a highly regarded professional with 20 years’ experience in bookkeeping and accounting, supporting small to medium enterprises throughout Australia. Lielette’s primary focus is on the people, alongside the numbers because after all it’s the people that drive the numbers.

Gone are the days where businesses can afford to have a bookkeeper just ‘showup’ and do the numbers. It’s not the black & white numbers that count, it’s about the people knowing how to understand and clearly interpret how the numbers work for them.

With that in mind Lielette has an uncanny ability to add value beyond those numbers, educating her clients, integrating the latest cloud accounting software into her clients businesses and blending her strong experience in planning, budgeting and reporting with easy to understand language so that her clients are fully informed about the financial aspects of their business.

"I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”

- Nelson Jackson -