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Making The Switch Is Seriously Easy

All That Counts is an award winning bookkeeping company that has been helping Australian Businesses with their bookkeeping since 2004.

Our team of experienced and qualified bookkeepers provide professional and consistent services that are individually geared towards your business needs.

All That Counts can simplify and streamline your business processes and where required integrate solutions into your accounting system that will ensure your business thrives.

We don’t believe in charging for every hour worked.  We believe it’s the value in the hour that counts.

Making the switch is seriously easy!

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It’s important for us to get to know your business to see if we are the right fit. If you are using a current accounting software package we will do a full review of that system and share our findings.

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Your success is our success.  You will never have to worry about bookkeeping again.  Your dedicated All That Counts bookkeeper will make sure everything is up to date, correct and on time.

QBConnect Sydney is Almost Here!

qbconnectI’m super excited to have QBConnect staged in my hometown of Sydney on 18 May 2017 at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground.

You see, last October I was extremely fortunate to experience my first QBConnect Conference in San Jose, California as one of the invited international VIP contingents (that’s me pictured above with Bill Rancic who was the MC) who will Sydney have is the biggest question on everyone’s lips?

Looking back it was a surreal and very humbling feeling when I arrived at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. This was going to be my home for the next 5 days. I kept asking myself

“How did a Sydney girl like me who’s only desire was to help and educate as many small business owners become financially fit using QuickBooks Online end up here in the US”

Intuit don’t do things in halves and QBConnect is an excellent example of this, with a star-studded line-up of celebrity keynote guest speakers including Basketballer, Shaquille O’Neil, Fitness Guru, Jillian Michaels and Skateboard legend, Tony Hawkes plus the list goes on. One might be right to think what can celebrities share with us over two days that will impact our thoughts and thinking.

Let’s just say the biggest highlight for me was listening to all these amazing speakers share with us their journey in the business world, something you don’t read about online or in the glossy magazines. They all had an honest and raw story to tell, but the one thing that was unanimous amongst them all was their success continues due to the trusted team that support them – including their accountants and bookkeepers.

I walked away feeling more confident in what I do and that yes, I do make a difference, and our clients who choose to work with us and value our skills must feel the same which is why they can focus on what they do best like our celebrity friends.

The breakout sessions I attended were educational and inspiring. The hardest thing was deciding which one to attend. My inner voice again started saying

“Wow, when I grow up I want to be one of those speakers presenting at QBConnect one day.”

So, when I wasn’t listening to speakers or attending breakout sessions, I was mixing it up with the hundreds of exhibitors spread out across two exhibitor halls. My strategic plan was to connect with a handful of essential apps that would add value to my client base back home, and this is where I soon realised to my disappointment that most of the apps only worked with the US version of QuickBooks and not the Australian version.

Which is another reason why I’m super excited that Australia finally has QBConnect because all the exhibitor’s products will work with our very own Australian version of QuickBooks Online.

Did I also mention that I will also be one of the speakers at QBConnect? It seems I have grown up and the beautiful people at Inuit US & Australia think so too …. Lol

I couldn’t think of a more suitable agenda for me to lead: Using QuickBooks as a Small Business Owner – after all this is what I do every day educating clients and small business owners on how to simplify, automate and integrate their processes using QuickBooks Online.

It’s not unusual for me to make customers cry tears of joy when I show them how we do this – so I will attempt to do my best to repeat this on the day.

Just in case I haven’t convinced you enough why you should register to attend QBConnect as a small business owner below are my 3 top reasons why you should:

1.     Celebrity Speakers – you will walk away feeling more inspired and pumped to smash out more goals in your business

2.     Exhibitors – there could be that one app/solution that changes the way you do business which will allow you to scale and grow without investing too much in resources

3.     Come and hear me speak – you will walk away with real solutions/processes that you can implement in your business that will simplify your life and give you more financial control even if you don’t use QuickBooks Online.

You can register on this link

Look forward to meeting many of you there!

Lielette 🙂

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Below are some pics of my amazing time in San Jose last year! I’m sure we will create just as many great memories in #QBConnect Sydney

Our Top 5 Tips to Hitch That Ride to The Cloud

hitch your rideIf you’re a small to medium sized business (SMB) now is the time to finally move your financial accounting software from your office server to the cloud.

Successful migrations can be made easy with the help of an experienced cloud accounting specialist.

There’s not a singular method for migration. Each business must deal with a unique set of circumstances. The key is to understand your situation and identify a strategy that allows you to transition while causing the least amount of disturbance and down time.

An experienced cloud accounting specialist will be able to identify the correct approach for your business.

When you’re using in-house servers, you are forced to be physically present in the office or restricted to a specific computer to access files and tools. All of this goes away with the cloud.

Are you ready to start doing business on the road, at home or in the office?

Here are our (5) five tips on how to seamlessly hitch that ride to the cloud:

  1. Plan the perfect timeline for the migration: Planning the right time of year is critical. You no longer need to stick with a 1 July conversion or migration as historical transactions can be part of your migration process. Determine your own busy periods and avoid them. Ensure your key staff are not on leave as their involvement will be critical for a successful migration and on boarding process.

  2. Pick the right product by asking the right people: Don’t get caught out using the wrong software because your accountant suggested you use the product of their choice with little consideration for what is best for your business. Do yourself a favour and engage with a cloud accounting specialist that works with several accounting solutions not just one. They will be able to provide you with an unbiased recommendation on what will work best for your business. Bookkeepers are generally your best go to people as they are trained to work with different industry types and software. They tend to become your best resource in the cloud accounting space.

  3. Avoid hidden costs and fees: Make sure you clearly understand what you’re paying for. The value of the cloud is that it removes a great deal of costs — hardware, support, maintenance, downtime etc. Often, the biggest problems occur when companies don’t understand a contract or the deliverable’s.

  4. Always review deliverable’s: Be clear about the deliverable’s. Otherwise, you’ll hear this phrase: “That wasn’t included in our estimate. It’s extra.” Therefore, you must demand a fixed price contract and understand what’s not included in the contract is just as important as knowing what’s included.

  5. Don’t undervalue the cloud: Avoid getting hung up on license or monthly subscription fees. Focus on the value that the cloud will bring to your business. Your existing server based financial accounting software solution won’t seem so cheap if you calculate all the costs to maintain and upgrade the system. A cloud accounting system includes all your updates, payroll tax rates, enhancements, tech support, real time numbers and real time collaboration with your accountant & bookkeeper.

If you are thinking about hitching a ride to the cloud or want to know more then contact one of our cloud accounting specialist on 1300 884 722 or email me directly at – we would love to chat with you!