We Simplify Small Business Life

How We Help You

Cost Certainty

All That Counts is a leader in the movement away from the bookkeeping and accounting hourly rate.  We offer our clients a range of pricing options to suit their needs and provide clarity around the outcomes instead of the time frame.  We design monthly subscriptions that cater for fixed-fee project work and flexible pricing arrangements that deliver value for clients with a higher volume of bookkeeping needs.

Responsive Time frames

We understand that timing is critical, particularly for businesses that have strict reporting deadlines for board meetings and payroll requirements.  All That Counts is committed to delivering our services within time frames that fit the commercial and statutory needs of our clients.

Specialist Bookkeepers

All That Counts caters to a full range of bookkeeping services.  Our bookkeepers are specialist, who bring extensive experience from working as CPA's to commercial accountants.

Cloud Technology

We implement technology in your business to help increase the efficiency of our bookkeepers as well as always looking to improve your business processes.  We research the best tools that specifically cater for our client needs and platforms.

Strategic Partnerships

Being 100% committed to our clients means we always ensure that you are given the best advice and solutions to help you grow and thrive as a business.  Strategic partnerships with CFO's, Financial Advisors and Tax Accountants always ensures we have your back.

We Give You Clarity

You can expect to have clear information for making decisions in your business. You know that the money you are spending on your accounting function is not just supporting compliance, but is also a vital input for your management team in making decisions.  Your numbers are kept up to date so you have the insight you need into your business today and not tomorrow!

We Give You Back Time

You will have time to focus on your business, which means you will be able to spend more time with customers or working on growing your business.

We Give You a Leading Edge

In today's world, entrepreneurs need real-time information to keep them ahead of the curve.  Successful organisations have one thing in common - they are driven by metrics.  They capture and measure everything in their business to make them nimble and agile to quickly make the right decisions from pricing, staffing to purchasing of equipment.

Client Testimonials


Lielette and her team really know their stuff and after a few years of using another system. Lielette recommended that we implement QuickBooks Online for our business. Our business is pretty complex with a few different solutions and a lot of different customers. Lielette understood our business and implemented QBO quickly and efficiently. She also suggested a few different apps to streamline our business! We've not looked back and I'm really appreciative of the knowledge shared and systems that we now have thanks to the girls at All That Counts.

Colin Cuthbert 

Ayers Management


I went to Lielette with little understanding of QuickBooks Online and BAS and left feeling confident in most areas of its functions. Lielette was professional, polite and tailored the training to my learning style. As my business expands I will definitely engage her services on a permanent basis. I have no hesitation in recommending Lielette and her team.

Craig Robinson
Purple Bricks


We approached Lielette just over a year ago as we were finding that with two growing businesses, it was becoming harder and harder to take time out of our core business to focus on bookkeeping. Lielette and her team have now set us up on QuickBooks Online and provided us with the relevant training and support we needed to further automate our business processes and in the process, she has taken all the stress out of bookkeeping and accounting for us! We highly recommend Lielette and her team at All That Counts. They are professional, friendly and supportive.